Address: Prezza


The cult of Santa Lucia in Prezza originates from the fact that the remains of the Saint were kept here for a period during the year 970, and legend has it that in that same year, on December 13th, a mysterious light illuminated the tower where the sacred remains were kept. That room inside the tower turned into a pilgrimage site for the people of the valley who came to pray to the patron saint of eyes.   Beacuse of this, it later became necessary to expand the church. In 1557 the tower was raised and transformed into a bell tower and in 1591 the church was enlarged  with the construction of the right aisle and the front porch.
The porch contains a doorway with a pointed arch and a decorated lunette with a fresco of the Madonna del Rosario. In the porch there are also other paintings of St. Christopher, St. Michael the Archangel and other religious scenes.
In the nave there are three altars. One is for the Madonna of the Rosary and has a statue in a niche enclosed by a wooden door on which  the Madonna of the Rosary with St. Dominic and St. Catherine are painted. Another altar is dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot and has a stone statue of the saint and the third altar, dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, has a painting.
Inside, on a pillar, there is a fresco depicting the Madonna and Child that has been  attributed to Carlo Crivelli or to a disciple of his school.
The frescoes on the ceiling were covered with an ancient wall painting because they had been blackened by candle smoke.